Battle Buddy Transition Program


When I transitioned from the Army after 22 years of service I was caught off guard by the emotional challenges that hit me right in the face. My mission now is that YOU don’t have to journey through that emotional battlefield alone. I’ll be your BATTLE BUDDY through your transition from military life to civilian life.

The Battle Buddy Transition Program is an intense 3 Session Program designed to help you further develop the skills you already possess, skills that will help you effortlessly move through the emotional battlefield we all travel during transition from military life to civilian life.


Battle Buddy Transition Program offers a THREE-PRONG approach to transitioning based on my own personal experiences when I began my transition process in 2012. I jokingly say that I am my number one client, but that is not far from the truth (the average Veteran takes between 3-5 years to fully transition). I’ve taken my own personal experience and lessons learned to develop tools to help YOU successfully maneuver through the transition process. At the completion of the Battle Buddy Transition Program you will be motivated to implement permanent change in all areas of your life to create the fulfilling life you deserve as a Veteran of the Armed Forces.

During the sessions we will focus on: developing a healthy system to process your emotions improve your communication with those in your life develop a list of resources specific to your needs.

Emotions – A healthy system of processing your emotions is needed to help you process feelings of anger, loss of identity, loneliness, or depression you will likely experience at some point during your transition journey. Just know that these feelings are a normal occurrence, experienced by nearly all transitioning Service Members. The topics we will cover in this section of the program include defining emotions, identifying the intensity levels of your emotions, common emotions tied to transition, what’s normal and what’s not, and healthy processes for managing emotions.

Communication – Effective communication was critical in your military career, it is just as critical in the transition process. Whether communicating with your family and friends or the medical professions who provide your medical care as a Veteran, effective communication is key in expressing yourself, your emotions, your needs, your wants, and your desires for your life out of the uniform. The topics we will cover in this portion of the program include defining communication, identifying the methods of communication, listening as an element of communication, tools to help improve communication, and effective processes to improve overall communication.

Resources – Knowledge is indeed power. Having a plethora of resources available to tap into is empowering and crucial to your successful transition from the military. During this section of the program we will discuss the need for resources in transition and civilian life, highlight various types of resources available to Veterans and transitioning Military members and generate a working list of resources.
This program is titled Battle Buddy Transition Program because I believe each of you already possess the skills you need to successfully transition from military life to civilian life – you just need a Battle Buddy to walk you through the emotional battlefield you now find yourself.

A Battle Buddy is someone who has walked in your boots, who has your back, they are a partner, teammate, and protector. A good Battle Buddy feels responsible for their fellow Buddy as they both work towards accomplishing a common mission realizing that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

What You Will Receive:

  • Introductory Audio “Preparing for Transition”
  • Introductory worksheet designed to establish commitment and accountability
  • 3 audio lessons delivered in MP3 format (downloadable)
  • 1 x Emotions
  • 1 x Communication
  • 1 x Implementation & Resources
  • 3 Worksheets to further help you implement skills developed in this program
  • Email access to Coach Lila Holley, your Battle Buddy

So, you’ve read this much – now what? Take the next step and get the help you need to move successfully through transition. You have a Battle Buddy standing by ready to help you…

This intense 3 Session Program only costs $39.99

Here’s some of the topics that will be covered in this program:
Define Emotions and discuss intensity levels of Emotions
Common Emotions that are experienced in Transition
Communication – speaking, writing, listening and body language
Tap into the skills you already possess to develop the tools needed to progress through the Transition process
Implementation of tools in order to see results
Homework and surveys

Additional services are available. I offer both live (virtual), extended group and individual coaching programs. Group Sessions evolve around teamwork and having each other’s back, the same concept our military training was built on. I believe the familiar setting of having a team around you, rallying for your success will improve your progress through the transition process.
Group packages are designed to run for 6 Sessions within a 2 month window (Groups of up to 8 members max)
Monthly Live Group Sessions (via virtual platform)
Homework and surveys
Weekly personalized email correspondence with Coach Lila Holley

Contact me for package pricing and availability of Live (Virtual) Group and Individual Coaching Packages

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