Pre-Order Veterans Coach Lila Holley New Book Camouflage Sisters

About The Book

This is a book written by 14 African American women. We range from enlisted to officers, retired, former military to current active duty Military Members. With over 120 years of total service, we share our stories of struggle and triumph on topics of – Transition, Leadership, Faith, Balance, and Mentorship.

Most of these women are first time authors and have found the courage to share their stories to encourage the next generation of female leaders.

We are so very excited about this project. While we are all black women who served or are currently serving our issues are issues any woman in a male dominated profession can relate to.


  • Camouflaged Sisters Interview on KPLE-TV

    Watch Transitioning Veterans Coach Lila Holley & Transitioned Veteran Tamara Sanford Interview on KPLE-TV #CamouflagedSisters
  • Miguel Nunez Jr / Camouflage Sisters

    Actor Miguel Nunez from “Juwana Mann” to Camouflaged Sisters, he is known for breaking the ice with laughter and supporting the womens point of view. #‎TuneIn to this Interview for his future film and community projects.
  • Revealing Struggles of the Black Womans Military Experience.

    Revealing Struggles of the Black Womans Military Experience.This book is broken down into 5 valuable catagories: 1. Transistion- Lila Holley, Vernessa Blackwell 2. Leadership- Amanda Randolph, Patricia Watts, Catrena Findley 3. Balance- Sylvia McCrea, Sinceria Allen, Keisha Moulton 4. Faith- Shirley LaTour, Keisha Hughston, Luvina Sabree, Kathy Marie Carter 5. Mentorship- Tamera Thomas, Lenita Cornett

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